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Collecting Lansing in the 20th Century: Ordinary Objects from Ordinary People

Historical Society of Greater Lansing

Have something you’d like to donate that falls into one of the following categories?  Contact us at info@lansinghistory.org or by calling 517-282-0671

Lansing Learns – Items from Lansing schools (both public and private), including both public and private - yearbooks, band uniforms, sports uniforms, varsity jackets, spirit items, varsity letters, medals, trophies, text books, report cards

Lansing Shops – Items from Lansing businesses, with a focus on downtown (including Old Town)  Boxes, shopping bags, memorabilia, hangers, advertisements, credit cards, vintage clothing with labels purchased at these stores, S&H Green Stamp stamps/books

Lansing Meets – Items from Lansing fraternal organizations, clubs, and civic groups - Pins, Programs from events, awards, uniforms, badges

Lansing Worships – Items from Lansing places of worship – Sacred building furnishings (pews, carpet pieces, pulpits, stained glass windows, interesting lights), liturgical robes/vestments, sacred writings/books/hymnals

Lansing Governs – Items from the different levels of government seated in Lansing, including local and state -  artifacts from two Lansing capitols, city government, mayor's belongings, artifacts from city hall buildings, Lansing police uniforms, Police car pieces, fire department uniforms, fire department equipment, fire & police fraternal organizations

Lansing Eats – Items related to eating and dining in Lansing – restaurant signs, menus, plate, glassware, silverware, advertising, cookbooks, local cooking show memorabilia, iconic table and chairs/booth from area restaurant

Lansing Plays – Items from Lansing's many entertainment venues - Lake Lansing ride items, movie theatres, arcades, games, local sports teams, local music scene, the zoo, bowling alleys, vaudeville theatres, acting companies, community choirs, dance troupes, community bands, city parks

Lansing Heals – Items related to medicine in Lansing - hospital items, doctor's diplomas, hospital beds, hospital equipment, doctor's office furnishings, doctor's coats, nurse uniforms, nurse training school items

Lansing Celebrates – Items from special Lansing celebrations, including holidays and anniversaries -  Holiday displays, items from special anniversaries and commemorations such as city centennial, sesquicentennial of state, annual celebrations like Silver Bells

Lansing Fights – Items from Lansing soldiers who served in the armed services – military uniforms, draft cards, weapons, war memorabilia, letters to/from soldiers

Lansing Lost – Items from Lansing buildings now gone – the City Club, houses torn down for 496, old schools/places of worship/businesses, old factories, old hotels, old fire/police, old bridges, old City Hall, old Lansing post office, old capitol building

Lansing Unites – Items from Lansing's unions – union badges, union newspapers, union picket signs, union apparel

Lansing Made – Items made in Lansing, or invented by people from Lansing – Hurley Smith's pocket protectors, Hugh Lyons' hat conformator, etc.

Lansing Works – Items from local businesses such as, but not limited to – Lansing Home Dairy, Silver Lead Paint Company, Lansing Board of Water and Light, Quality Dairy, Lansing Ice and Fuel, Knapp's, Kewpie's, Arbaugh's, etc.

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